Shelter for Needy Women Thane

Krishnarao Vrudhashram is a non-government association that gives Shelter for Needy Women Thane to helpless ladies who are destitute or have fled because of aggressive behaviour at home. They are housed in shelter home.

Women young and old, who are homeless and alone survive by being invisible. Staying awake through the night out of fear, they sleep on buses and in railway station, hospitals, abandoned buildings, backyards and alleyways in a desperate attempt to find shelter each night without being detected. Finding food in garbage cans and behind restaurants, women avoid panhandling because doing so makes them a highly visible targets for crime. They bathe out in the open restrooms, urgent to go unnoticed. Obviously, they can’t cover up everlastingly, particularly from predators.

Physically vulnerable, homeless women and female youth are at heightened risk of sexual assault, human trafficking and violence in its many forms. On the streets, homeless men and pimps prey on women by offering protection. Gender neutral shelters may be just as risky for women who are alone, especially those who have high special needs and are medically fragile, suffering from mental health issues, pregnant or victims of trauma. So often, the “protectors” become abusers.

Though we at Krishnarao Vrudhashram provides Shelter for Needy Women Thane, One can fully trust on us.

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