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Krishnarao Vrudhashram provides a home for Orphan kids Thane is dedicated to helpless children, irrespective of their religion or caste- who are susceptible to the vulnerable conditions of living on the street.

The Orphan Kids home aims to educate the kids in school, to train and transform them into skilled adults, who are able to live an independent life in the current society. Our Orphan Kids listed among the leading students and are known for their loving nature and discipline. The main objective is to give them an opportunity in life that protects them from falling into the clutches of the darker side of society.

Children enhance their other skills of fine art by making greetings cards, candles, rangoli, cooking, Cricket, Football etc. This activity is done during spare time at the weekends with the help of the staff volunteers. Summer camps are held once in a year for the Orphan Kids Thane, Which develops their outlook.

Best orphanage Thane. Various important national & cultural festivals like Independence day, children’s day, Diwali, Raksha-Bandhan, Christmas, Ramadan, and others are celebrated for Orphan Kids Thane.

Awareness of children’s issues, especially related to street children such as child labor, trafficking session is conducted. One can trust us for Orphan Kids Thane.

Aims And Objectives :

Krishnarao Vrudhashram to commit itself to listen and to love, to share and to care, to bring up all the children by giving them education, professional training, job opportunities and health and value education. It aims to concentrate on the education of the residents. Here we nurture them to blossom into mature women as they experience the love, warmth and the feeling of security.

Recreation :

Indoor and outdoor games like carom, chess, cricket, football, throw a ball, badminton are held on a daily basis at fixed times. Television & music are also provided. Children take part in local competitions. This activity molds them to be team players and team leaders. Children also avail of a mini library at the shelter homes.

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